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Laguna Blanca’s admission process strives to achieve a good match between the prospective student, the family, and the school. It is very important for you to get to know us and for us to get to know you, so we encourage you to visit often.

Laguna Blanca’s application period begins one year in advance of a child’s anticipated entry. For priority consideration, applications must be submitted between September and the application deadline of February 1. Please note: Laguna continues to accept and review applications after the priority deadline on a space available basis. 

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Ongoing from September 15
Request a current year application from the admission office, available after September 15, or complete the online inquiry form
Admission tours and class visits begin
November, December,
& January
1) Make a reservation for one of our Admission Events
2) Register to take the Independent School Entrance Exam (grades 5-12)
January & February
Kindergarten Evaluations and Playgroups;
Grades 1-4 Testing and Class Visits
January 24

ISEE given at Laguna Blanca School

February 1
Priority deadline for applications 
February 1
Parent Financial Statement due to SSS for those applying for financial aid
February 1
Current year transcripts and teacher recommendations due to Laguna Blanca School
March 1

March 15
Applicant families’ current and previous years’ Federal Tax Returns with all schedules and W-2s attached are due to the Admission and Financial Aid Office
Returning families current year Federal Tax Returns with all schedules and W-2s attached are due to the Admission and Financial Aid Office
March 6
Admission decision notification letters mailed to those meeting the February 1 priority application deadline 
March 20
Enrollment contract and deposit due

 Note: If any of the due dates fall on a weekend or holiday, the deadline is extended to the next business day following the weekend or holiday.

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Step One:
Complete an application form. There is a $100 application fee due with the application.

Step Two: Complete where appropriate and deliver to Laguna Blanca School the following items:
1) Copy of applicant’s birth certificate or passport
2) 2"x2" photo of applicant
3) Parent Questionnaire
4) PS/K Visit Release form (Early K and K applicants only)
5) Student Questionnaire (grades 7-12 applicants only)
6) Graded Essay from current school year (grades 7-12 applicants only)

Step Three: Fill out, sign, and deliver to the appropriate persons the following items:
1) The Release of Records form - submit directly to your child’s current school. Please note: Fall semester/trimester transcripts are required, so please ensure that these are sent following the completion of the grading period. Applicants to Early Kindergarten and Kindergarten need to complete this step only if the child has attended another kindergarten program or the child’s preschool provides narrative reports of the student’s progress.

2) Confidential Teacher Observation/Evaluation form(s) - submit directly to the teacher(s). Teachers should complete these forms in January so they have a semester to know the student well. Optional letters of recommendation for grades 5-12 are at the discretion of the applicant and should come from someone who knows the student outside of the academic setting (e.g. music teacher, coach, youth group leader, employer, family friend).

Step Four: Appropriate to the grade level of the applicant, schedule the required evaluation, testing, class visit, and interview 

Early Kindergarten and Kindergarten: After the application has been submitted, the admission office will contact you to scheduled the required personal evaluation and playgroup appointments.

Grades 1-4: After the receipt of the application, the admission office will schedule the personal evaluation and class visit appointments.

Grades 5-12:
1) Applicants are required to spend the day visiting classes with a host student and sit for a personal interview. Applicants to grade 5 only may elect to take a tour of the school with their parents in lieu of the class visit.

2) Register for the Independent School Entrance Examination (ISEE) at Laguna prefers that the ISEE be taken by February 7. The last testing date accepted for priority consideration is February 21. For applicants to grades 9-12, Laguna accepts results from the SSAT, PSAT, or SAT in lieu of the ISEE. Laguna Blanca’s school code for the ISEE is 053255 and 3774 for the SSAT.

3) An Interview is required for applicants to grades 5-12. After submitting the application, please contact the admission office to schedule this appointment.

Step Five: As the application process differs slightly for various grades, please download the Application Deadlines and Check List. This check list and all required forms for the application process can be downloaded from our forms section.

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For All Applicants
Testing, Deadlines, Decisions

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