What is an Independent/Private School?

An independent school is a pre-collegiate, non-profit learning institution governed by a board of trustees and supported by tuition revenue, charitable contributions, and endowment income. Accreditation standards for independent schools are rigorous and are validated by a national commission.

Why Choose an Independent or Private School?

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  • You will stand out...in the classroom

    Independent schools set high academic standards, encourage excellence, and motivate students to be enthusiastic, creative learners. Small classes, typical in independent schools, allow teachers to know students well, understand the way they learn, and provide individualized attention. Independent schools strive to ensure that each student maximizes his/her potential within nurturing, caring communities that foster teamwork, interpersonal skills, and character development. Students in independent schools are well prepared for each step in their educational careers.
  • In pursuit of lifelong passions

    In pursuit of their passions, independent schools provide rich environments and opportunities where students develop into well-rounded individuals. Extending learning beyond the traditional classroom, independent schools inspire artists, thespians, and athletes.
  • As part of a community

    Independent schools see their role as developing competent and caring leaders for the global society of the twenty-first century. They provide their students with opportunities to think critically and act humanely. They stress the importance of civility and ethics as essential traits in decision-making and in relationships with others.
  • In preparation for your future

    "I was skeptical about whether or not independent schools add true academic value to a child's education. That skepticism quickly dissolved after I saw the quality of instruction and personal attention that our sons have been given at Laguna.” ~ JULIE FARRELL, ALUMNI PARENT


Harvard professor Dr. Richard Light's findings about college students coming out of independent schools:
  1. Writing Preparation – 62% of public school graduates have never written a research paper
  2. Better reading skills
  3. Are more collaborative and are better at working in small groups
  4. Better public speaking skills
  5. Better time management skills
  6. Better able to choose their course work – more experience at course selection process
  7. 4.5 times more likely to seek help – show more initiative
  8. Think more globally/worldly – asked to name world leaders; public school students only name those in U.S.