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Lower School Music

Music is an essential part of the education of every child. The goals of the music program are that each child develop the ability to participate in the creative processes of music; have sensitivity for the beauty of musical sound leading to a greater interest in and a better understanding of the art; have an acquaintance with and an understanding of musical symbols; terminology, and notation of music – familiarity with the musical language; and an acquaintance with a wide repertoire of vocal and instrumental music of many periods and styles, including music by master composers.

Students perform vocally and instrumentally in both formal and informal settings throughout the school year, both on campus and in the greater Santa Barbara community.

Performing Arts in the Middle School

Laguna Blanca provides multiple opportunities for student expression in performing arts. In the Middle School, students focus on building strong vocal, instrumental, acting, and movement skills. The fifth and sixth grade performing arts classes are designed to give students the opportunity to sample a variety of the performing arts mediums, while learning the basics of being in a performing arts class. This prepares students for the many elective options that will be available to them beyond fifth and sixth grade. Students will participate in musical performances, dance, theater, and musical theater.

Performing Arts in the Upper School

The faculty of the Performing Arts classes believes that the study of music, drama, theater, and dance is an integral part of our students’ education. Students perform a wide and varied repertoire of instrumental and vocal music, and dramatic works, with expression and technical excellence. Students also perform original works and develop skills to be able to improvise in various styles.

Upper School students have a choice of participating in a performing art for a semester or for a full year. It is the department’s long-term goal for students to experience the performing arts in many different aspects so that students gain an appreciation for performers and the performing arts and knowledge of what it takes to be a professional and have a possible career in the performing arts.

Performing Arts Curriculum

    • Lower School Winter Concert

      Lower School Winter Concert

    • Seussical the Musical

      Seussical the Musical

Laguna Blanca Stage Band