Visual Arts at Laguna Blanca

Visual Arts in the Lower School

Art is an essential part of a child’s overall educational experience. The Lower School art program is designed to be complementary with and integrated into other aspects of learning with the goal that each child gains a sense of confidence and enthusiasm that comes from being creative.

A genuine appreciation of art stems from an understanding of where and how art is used to enrich our lives. This includes the recognition of the similarities and differences among works of art produced in various places, times and cultures. The art student will identify fine art objects in everyday life and be aware that art exists in many forms. Artists are studied in many different aspects, from local artists in residence to master artists and their influence throughout history.

In studying the building blocks of art, students will learn all of the main elements including line, shape, form, texture, color, value, space, balance, unity, emphasis, rhythm, contrast, movement, and pattern. These elements are the foundation of a strong art vocabulary which is used to communicate original ideas, describe works of art, and relate to other subject areas.

A variety of techniques are taught within the general areas of drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, design, fiber arts, and sculpture. Subject matter is inspired by grade level curriculum, individual expression, cultural studies, and genres in art history. These techniques and materials are explored in age-appropriate lessons that are part of the common thread of the Lower School art program.

Visual Arts in the Middle School

Laguna Blanca provides multiple opportunities for student expression in visual and performing arts. Fifth and sixth grade students are required to take year-long visual arts and one of the two semester-long music options. Seventh and eighth grade students are required each semester to take one of the six visual or performing arts options, including drawing and painting, printmaking and 3-D art, band, chorus, drama, or string ensemble. Depending on interest, these offerings may change from year to year.

Visual Arts in the Upper School

It is the goal of the Visual Arts Department to create an open, positive learning environment where technique relative to the medium presented may be taught on an applied level to nurture student imagination, self expression, and creative competency.

These aspirations are achieved through demonstrations, hands on assignments, dialogue, guest artist lectures, museum visitations, historical lectures, problem solving, and visual aides.

Visual Arts Curriculum