Support Laguna

Capital & Special Gifts

When the school identifies a critical need for a project or projects beyond the scope of tuition and the Annual Fund, special fundraising campaigns are designated. In these cases, individual donors, families, foundations and other sources are personally asked to consider a significant gift or multiyear pledge. Usually, the project or program is in an area of special interest to the donor, and the request is based on their ability to give.

Endowment Funds

Endowment funds are financial assets that generate income through effective investment of the principal. Portions of this income are used to relieve the operating budget, and, when substantial enough, to help minimize tuition increases.

Endowment funds are frequently established to honor or remember someone of significance to the school. We are especially grateful to those donors who have established the endowment funds that provide security for our future.

Please see below for a list of Laguna Blanca’s existing endowment funds. Those interested in contributing to a current fund, or establishing a new fund can contact Marcy Jacobs, Director of Development, at or 805-687-2461 x201.

Capital & Major Gifts

Major or capital gifts and pledges are considered an investment in Laguna’s future. During a capital campaign, donors are asked to support both the Annual Fund and the capital project. This ensures that the school’s annual operating budget is not compromised and its day-to-day programs can continue to flourish.

We are thankful for the many donors who have donated to a number of major or capital gift projects within the last decade whose gifts have made noticeable changes to our campus.