Academics Overview

Students enjoy and are challenged by Laguna Blanca’s renowned academic program, which has been a hallmark of the school since its inception. From Early Kindergarten to twelfth grade, students receive an education tailored to maximize learning and foster an inquisitive mindset. Faculty members are highly qualified professionals who challenge students while also supporting them on an individual level. Laguna Blanca’s most distinguishing feature is the close connection established between students and faculty. This connection leads to a campus filled with enthusiasm, energy, and a love for the learning process. This atmosphere becomes apparent immediately when one steps into a Laguna Blanca classroom in action.

At Laguna, we believe that a “Project-Based Learning” (PBL) culture leads to deeper, more meaningful learning experiences for all of our students. This dynamic classroom approach allows students to actively explore real-world problems and challenges, while fostering curiosity, openness, creativity, critical thinking, empathy, and personal responsibility. It also makes learning more memorable, meaningful, and FUN – for students and teachers alike. Our unique eight-day rotation schedule in the Middle and Upper Schools is especially ideal for an increased emphasis on active PBL learning.