Advisory is a time where we meet, discuss, reflect, play, compete, and serve together.

Laguna’s Middle & Upper School Advisory Program plays an essential role in creating a school culture where every student feels known, heard, understood, and supported. We recognize learning as a collaborative process, and believe that each student benefits from a network of encouraging and caring adults. Our advisory program is designed to build and maintain productive, honest, and long-lasting relationships between students, advisors, teachers, coaches, and parents. Advisory helps to ensure that our students are successful both here at Laguna and once they leave this campus. At its core, our advisory program reinforces Laguna's four core values of scholarship, character, balance, and community.

In Middle School, students are sorted into an advisory-based “house” system, with eight houses named after our local Channel Islands. Houses consist of 12-15 students ranging from fifth to eighth grade. These houses meet once per week to check in, engage in character education, and plan community service projects. In addition, Middle School advisors meet individually with their advisees at least twice per quarter to discuss the student’s social-emotional, academic, and athletic progress.

Regular quarterly contact with the advisee’s parents maintains a strong communication link between home and school. There are weekly house events that support the developing adolescent brain, incorporating play, creativity, and camaraderie. These house events include both athletic games (volleyball, dodgeball, kickball, ping pong, etc.) and other challenges (House Spelling Bee, Quiz Bowl, Olympics, etc.). At the end of the school year, one house will be honored as House Cup Champions with an engraved trophy.

In the Upper School, each Laguna student is assigned a faculty advisor with whom they meet at least once a week with approximately 10-12 other students. Advisors act as the student’s primary advocate and serve as a bridge between home and school, providing students with additional support on campus both personally and academically. During weekly advisory sessions, students engage in discussions about a particular theme. Monthly themes include: health & wellness, gratitude & altruism, community, empathy, responsibility, diversity, and integrity. The advisory program provides a unique opportunity to develop community and connectedness, allowing for a safe space for students to share their struggles and successes.
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