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    At Laguna Blanca, it is impossible for you to fly beneath the radar. First and foremost, Laguna embraces you in a community that strives to understand your individual talents, goals, and needs. Here, deeper relationships, heightened learning, and greater achievement are the norm. The all-encompassing support of teachers, counselors, and coaches ensures Laguna feels like your second home.

    “By 9 o’clock in the morning, students are seen by a half dozen people who care about them and who know them well.”  
              ~ Art Merovick, Headmaster Emeritus

    Laguna’s exceptional teachers deliver a profound educational experience beyond the rote world of one-size-fits-all. They create meaningful and memorable learning opportunities that guide you in the process of self-discovery. Enjoy innovative and inclusive classroom environments that feel more like mentorships than traditional student/teacher relationships. This approach to learning encourages your curiosity, fosters greater comprehension, and inspires collaboration and problem solving.

    "It is a school to which one very easily becomes attached."
              ~ 1937 La Honda

    Our commitment to project-based learning recognizes that you will one day step into the larger world beyond campus. We strive to provide a safe and supportive educational experience that prepares you to take on any challenge. This dynamic classroom approach allows you to actively explore real-world scenarios outside the boundaries of single subjects. From robotics to ancient Rome, you investigate big ideas while learning practical skills in collaborative environments that mimic the rigors that await you after graduation.

    “Our family cherished our time at Laguna. In particular, we greatly appreciated the one-on-one attention that our boys received in the classroom. They are better critical thinkers, graceful writers, and proficient problem solvers as a result.”
              ~ Julie Farrell, alumni parent

    Harvard professor Dr. Richard Light's findings about college students coming out of independent schools:

    • Writing Preparation – 62% of public school graduates have never written a research paper
    • Better reading skills
    • Are more collaborative and are better at working in small groups
    • Better public speaking skills
    • Better time management skills
    • Better able to choose their course work – more experience at course selection process
    • 4.5 times more likely to seek help – show more initiative
    • Think more globally/worldly – asked to name world leaders; public school students only name those in U.S.

Tuition and Fees 2021-2022

As with other independent schools, tuition covers approximately 80 percent of the cost of educating a student at Laguna Blanca School. Each January, the Board of Trustees sets tuition levels for the following year. A modest increase in tuition can be expected year to year. Additional fees for class trips, textbooks, technology, and bus service are outlined on our Tuition and Fee Schedule.

Tuition: $29,700

Tuition: $35,620


Tuition Assistance

Click here to learn more about Laguna's financial aid program.


Laguna sends reenrollment contracts to currently enrolled students in good academic, behavioral, and financial standing on or about February 1. The family has 10 days to return a signed contract with the deposit to reenroll the student for the following school year.

Laguna Blanca’s Tuition Management System, FACTS

Laguna Blanca School utilizes FACTS Tuition Management for student billing. It is a paperless, flexible tuition management program that allows families to choose payment options. The system sends email due date reminders, allows you to track payments online, and has mobile payment options. Please sign up with FACTS at your earliest convenience.



    • of Laguna students receive tuition assistance.

    • was granted to 108 students in 2021.

    • is the average award.

Laguna Blanca is Santa Barbara’s premier private, co-educational, college preparatory day school for students in Early Kindergarten through Grade 12.