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For Laguna to confidently look toward the future, a strong endowment is key. Our objective is to ensure that our school has the longevity it needs to maintain the same level of academic rigor and rich experiential learning that it offers today, while also moving forward to meet the needs of upcoming generations. Creating your own Endowment Fund or giving to an existing Fund shows your commitment to our school's sustained success and will make a lasting impact on the school’s trajectory.

Understanding Endowment Funds
Endowment funds work a bit differently from the school’s annual fund—the Laguna Fund—which addresses day-to-day needs. Contributions to the endowment fund are never expended in a lump sum. Unlike the Laguna Fund, which is utilized in its entirety within the current school year to cover operational expenses, endowment fund gifts are used to generate interest income year after year. This interest is then utilized to support the school's activities, allowing the principal amount to continue growing over time. The beauty of this system lies in its self-perpetuating nature: as the endowment expands, so does the interest it accumulates, thus reinforcing the school's financial stability.

Can I create my own endowment fund?
If none of the endowment funds in place fit your goals for Laguna, you can always start your own. If you’re someone passionate about the arts, you may wish to start an endowment fund that provides support to Laguna’s art program. Simply decide the type and purpose of the fund you’d like to start, determine when and how much you’d like to give (a minimum initial gift of $250,000 in cash, appreciated securities, or other real property is needed to endow a fund), and name your fund. The Development team will handle the rest, ensuring that your wishes are met into perpetuity.

Leaving a lasting legacy
Once the endowment is financially viable, the program will continue, even past your death, ensuring that the funds continue to support Laguna.

Class of 2024 Senior Endowment
Within the class of 2024, we are proud to count 9 lifers, 4 sets of twins, 6 student council members, 14 TEDx participants with 3 appearing on the TEDx stage, 42 Student-Athletes, 21 Science Research Program participants, and 9 Humanities Research Program enthusiasts. Every year, we ask the senior class and their families to consider a joint legacy gift to our Senior Class Endowment.  The gift would express their lasting gratitude for the faculty who have inspired and supported them through their Laguna Journey. 
Thank you for your generosity and belief in Laguna’s potential. The progress and accomplishments from your endowment fund will be shared with you regularly, enabling you to witness firsthand the transformational journey you have set in motion.

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