Diversity, equity and inclusion is ongoing work that demands engagement and lifelong learning. We view this work as imperative to creating a better future and invite all members of our community to participate in our conversations and solutions.

The DEI Faculty and Staff Committee has members from all three divisions, administration, and business offices. This committee meets monthly to support various DEI initiatives, events, and to bring forward ways we can support diversity, account for equity, and maintain an inclusive environment while also finding ways to increase a sense of belonging.

What we have done

Student Engagement

At Laguna, there are a variety of ways students can engage with elements of DEI work through our various clubs and events. 

The Rainbow Spectrum Club (Middle and Upper), Asian Student Union (Middle and Upper), All Voices Heard (formerly Student DEI Committee) (Upper), and SOCK Club (Upper) 
Current event processing lunches, movie nights for Heritage & History Months, on-campus celebrations, checking out spotlighted books for the various heritage and history months from our libraries, Student Club Booths at special Laguna events, and Middle & Upper School Pride Celebration each June.

Heritage & History Month Book Recommendations

Check out the books we have added to our libraries and recommended to our community for the various heritage months that happen throughout the year. We recommend four books per division that contain meaningful representation. Diverse representation in literature can either act as a mirror and reflect an experience or identity to the reader, or as a window into experiences and identities different from their own. Families can find these recommendations in the Laguna Links newsletter, which include links to purchase the books.

Heritage & History Month Book Recommendations 2023-24

Accessing our Education

Language Access
Any family who requires an interpreter of any language to fully participate in school events such as parent-teacher conferences, workshops, or any meeting with the school, is able to request one through the DEI Coordinator. We do not have onsite interpreters, but we have several professional resources we utilize. Additionally, progress reports can be translated upon request. 

Laguna Experience
If there is a financial limitation to accessing all parts of the Laguna experience, books, materials, field trips, dances, AP tests, etc. please contact the DEI Director for support. 


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    Ursula Chan 

    Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
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