Consistent with our mission, Laguna Blanca School is committed to providing quality educations to outstanding students who would otherwise be unable to attend the school due to financial reasons. This commitment helps to ensure that Laguna enrolls a diverse student body that reflects a broad economic, social, and cultural mix.


List of 9 frequently asked questions.

  • How is tuition assistance awarded?

    Laguna offers tuition assistance on the basis of the documented financial need of the family, the evaluation of a student’s overall academic strength and personal attributes, and the availability of funds. Grants are generally awarded to the strongest candidates, with students in high school given priority.
  • Does Laguna offer merit scholarships?

    Laguna Blanca does not offer merit awards. Laguna Blanca’s financial aid program is “need-based.” Families must demonstrate financial need to receive an award. Laguna is considered a “need aware” school in that it rarely can meet the full-demonstrated need of a family. 
  • Does applying for tuition assistance influence admission decisions?

    It is essential to note that decisions regarding a candidate’s admission to the school and his or her eligibility for tuition assistance are made independently. It is possible that an admitted student is not offered tuition assistance due to limited resources. Acceptances and awards at Laguna Blanca School are made without regard to race, religion, color, ethnicity, or national origin.
  • Do I have to apply for assistance each year?

    Tuition assistance is granted on a yearly basis and families must apply for and submit the appropriate documentation by the stated deadlines each year. In addition, the financial aid committee reviews annually the student’s academic, behavioral, and extracurricular contributions.
  • What if parents are divorced or separated?

    Separation, divorce, or remarriage does not relieve either parent/guardian of financial obligation, in spite of legal documents to the contrary. For this reason, Laguna Blanca School requires financial information from both biological/legal parents/guardians and stepparents or live-in partners, if applicable. Please note that the cooperation of all parents/guardians is required before Laguna Blanca will consider assisting a candidate.
  • Do I have to repay the award?

    Tuition assistance grants provided by Laguna Blanca School do not have to be repaid.
  • How is confidentiality handled?

    Parents/guardians are assured that all information submitted is kept in the strictest confidence and is shared only within the financial aid committee. The school in turn asks that families keep the financial aid process and grants awarded in confidence. A breach of this reciprocal agreement may jeopardize future awards.
  • When will I be notified if awarded a grant?

    Award letters are sent along with admission notification letter to applicants who have completed the application and financial aid processes by the priority deadlines.

    For Current Students: if awarded, the financial aid grant is noted as a credit against tuition on the student's reenrollment contract. Reenrollment contracts are sent mid-January.

    Both current and new families have 10 days from notification to accept or decline financial assistance.
  • Do awards change year to year?

    It should be noted that when a family enrolls a child, the school expects the student during his/her tenure at the school to remain at the level of support indicated at entry, whether full-pay or with tuition assistance. The only exception to this would be a family who experiences a significant change in financial position, such as the loss of a job. Please be aware that the school cannot guarantee it can meet this new need. Families must anticipate and financially plan for tuition increases. It is important to remember that financial aid is based on the ability to pay, not willingness to pay.


List of 2 items.

  • Step 1 - Apply Online by February 1

    Complete and file online a Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) with School and Student Service (SSS) at by the deadline of February 1. Please note: SSS will not process the PFS without payment of the fee. 

    Based on the information you provide, Laguna uses this as a guideline in granting aid.
  • Step 2 - Additional Documentation

    For New Applicants, Tax Forms due by February 20, 2023
    Submit directly to Laguna Blanca School copies of your most recent Federal Income Tax Returns with all schedules and W-2s to encompass two sequential years. Corporate or limited partnership returns are also required if applicable. Please do not upload your returns to SSS. Laguna does not accept electronic returns; please download, print, and deliver hard copies to the admission and financial aid office.

    For Current Students, 2021 Federal Income Tax Returns due by December 1, 2022.
    Submit directly to Laguna Blanca School copies of your 2021 Federal Income Tax Returns with all schedules and W-2s attached, as well as corporate or limited partnership returns if applicable. Please do not upload your returns to SSS. Laguna does not accept electronic returns; please download, print, and deliver hard copies to the admission and financial aid office.

    Please Note: The school continues to grant tuition assistance past the deadlines as long as funds remain available. A family jeopardizes its potential to receive an award by neglecting to submit the required information by the stated deadlines.
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