Upper School

Semester or Full Year-Grades - 9-12

Stage Band is a musical ensemble course and it is for those students that wish to delve deeper into their own instrumental performance and expand their overall understanding of music. This class is designed to give students the opportunity to push themselves and explore the many different genres of music, while improving their performance skills and musical abilities to a deeper level. Students in the class are expected to be dedicated musical leaders both on and off campus. They frequently perform in and out of the LBS community, as well as accompany some of the younger ensembles.

Semester or Full Year - Grades 9-12

Band is a musical ensemble course. This class is designed to give students the opportunity to learn and explore the many different genres of music, while having them improve their overall performance skills. They will have the opportunity to perform music that they are interested in learning in a group setting, while working on musicianship and music fundamentals. This class is a good starting point for those students that are interested in joining the stage band later on in their LBS careers.

Semester or Full Year - Grades 9-12

In this course students will be exploring the foundations of theater arts, including movement, voice, and acting for the stage. The goal of this course is to foster each individual’s artistic voice, inspire self-confidence, develop appreciation for and an understanding of theatrical text and performance, and to build a collaborative ensemble.

Semester or Full Year - Grades 9-12

Student's enrolled in this course will be involved in mounting the school's theatrical productions as cast and crew members. Students may enroll in this course for the full year or for one semester. The first semester will be the Fall Drama production and the second semester will be the Spring Musical. Casting will be based on auditions and crew positions will be determined after enrollment in the course. This course will also meet periodically after school, TBD after enrollment, and student's will be required to attend all dress/tech rehearsals the full week of the show and all performances.

One semester - Grades 7-12

Vocal Ensemble is a course designed to give students an opportunity to explore singing while working on vocal technique, build strong harmonies, and learn about vocal blending. Students will explore many different genres of music and experience performing both inside and outside the LBS community. This class will also help prepare students for the spring musical. No experience required. Everyone is welcome.

Semester or Full Year - Grades 9-12

Students will be introduced to and explore digital video cameras, the nonlinear editing program Adobe Premiere Elements 10 and how to interface with a computer. The main objective of this course is to impart to the students the various facets of visual storytelling. Discussions include the fundamentals of cinematography, the importance of content, previsualization and storyboarding with the goal of developing technical skill and self-expression through digital media. Viewing films and seeing how others have chosen to "tell" their stories highlight the course.
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