Summer @ Laguna

CIT Program

The Counselor-in-Training (CIT) program is open to Laguna and non-Laguna students alike looking to earn community service. We have two CIT strands:

Senior CITs – For students entering 9-12th grades. Note: returning CITs make forgo community service for a small stipend.
Junior CITs – For students entering 6-8th grades. Note: Junior CITs pay half camp tuition.
The Summer @ Laguna CIT program helps build character through leadership opportunities and supporting others. CITs will assist lead teachers and counselors with different aspects of the camp program and will serve as role models for younger campers. CITs will hopefully walk away from this experience having their comfort zone stretched while building lasting memories with our campers. 
Note: Arts @ Laguna CITs have specific requirements that can be found here.
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