List of 15 frequently asked questions.

  • Why Laguna? Why a Campaign?

    Laguna Blanca is Santa Barbara's premier EK-12 independent school. Our academic, artistic, and athletic strength resounds throughout our community. Laguna has a long, proud history marked by the incredible achievements of our students, faculty, and alumni. Our core values – scholarship, character, balance community – are the pillars that allow our faculty and students to establish meaningful personal experiences and create transformative academic journeys.

    The campaign provides a roadmap for Laguna to focus efforts on pressing needs and bring together all constituencies with a shared vision. It is from this position of excellence that we launch a $10M comprehensive campaign to build upon our strength and secure our vision.
  • What is the Building on Strength Campaign?

    Building on Strength: The Campaign for Laguna's Future is an intensive, time-limited fundraising effort on behalf of Laguna Blanca to raise $10M for three key initiatives:
    • Establish a Center for Science and Innovation, so that our facilities equal our programming and the capabilities of our students and faculty.
    • We will grow our endowment and secure our future. A robust endowment is critical for an independent school's stability and financial health.
    • We will enhance our campus's accessibility through a series of projects to integrate our indoor and outdoor learning spaces and make our campus more functional for all.
  • Why is Laguna undertaking a campaign at this time?

    BUILDING ON STRENGTH is the first comprehensive campaign that Laguna has had in nearly a decade. It is a seminal campaign, and we know that it is vital to support the needs of our students, teachers, and campus. We are asking our entire community to participate – individuals, families, and foundations – and know that for many, it will be their largest gift to our organization.
  • What exactly is the endowment, and why are we raising money for that, too?

    The endowment is, in effect, the school's savings account. The school's spending policy allows for the use of 4-6% of yearly income from the Endowment Fund for general operations, including programs and financial aid. A strong endowment is critical to the health and well-being of the school and its solvency. Donors may support the general Endowment Fund, established scholarships, faculty, and program endowment funds, or create their own named fund with a gift of $250,000 or more.
  • How are endowment funds invested?

    Our school's endowment funds are invested through a carefully selected asset allocation to preserve principle and to produce consistent growth with reasonable risk. The Board of Trustees' Finance Committee manages investments and acts as a fiduciary for the endowment.
  • How will my child benefit today from my endowment gift?

    Your child is already benefiting from the endowment and has since his or her first day of school. The draw from our endowment flows directly into the operating budget each year for the benefit of current students.
  • Can I split my donation between different campaign priorities (i.e. support for the Center for Science and Innovation and the endowment?

    Of course. You may designate a portion of your gift to a building or project, and the remainder to the endowment.
  • My children will be graduating before campus improvements are complete. Why should I help out?

    We hope that all Laguna Blanca families will realize that their children have enjoyed an unparalleled school experience due to the vision of those who came before us. We also hope that our families will see the wisdom of giving back and ensuring that future generations of Laguna Blanca students can enjoy the sustained stewardship of this amazing campus.
  • How does the campaign differ from the Laguna Fund?

    Funds from the annual Laguna Fund appeal, which is part of all annual giving, including Spirit of Laguna and the Spring Benefit and Auction, are used to support the day-to-day operations of the school. Tuition and fees do not cover the cost of running Laguna, and our shortfall per student is approximately $2,500 annually.
  • How do I balance my Laguna Fund giving with a campaign gift?

    It is essential that you continue to support the Laguna Fund as you have done in previous years. The Laguna Fund supports the day-to-day operations at the heart of a Laguna education. In addition to the continued support of the Fund, we are asking Laguna families to consider a campaign gift – over and above their regular Laguna Fund contribution – to support the substantial costs necessary to complete the projects associated with the Building on Strength Campaign. This campaign gift is a one-time commitment or pledge and payable over multiple years.
  • Can you give me an example of how I can support the Laguna Fund and the Building on Strength Campaign?

    Mr. and Mrs. Swoop have three children at Laguna. Every year they support the Laguna Fund with a gift of $3,000. Understanding the importance of the Building on Strength Campaign, Mr. and Mrs. Swoop would like to make a significant family contribution. They want to continue to support the Laguna Fund with a gift of $3,000 a year and make a pledge of $30,000 to the campaign. They are not in a position to pay all $30,000 immediately; however, they can make pledge payments over five years. Now, for the next five years, Mr. and Mrs. Swoop will give Laguna $9,000 per year ($3,000 for continued Laguna Fund support and $6,000 for their campaign pledge).
  • How can I make a gift to the campaign?

    Gifts of all sizes are welcome and are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law. Donations can be made online, by cash or personal check received in person or by mail, and with appreciated securities. You can contact the Office of Development and Alumni Relations at 805.687.2462 to create a personalize pledge payment arrangement, payable over five years.
  • How can I make a contribution of appreciated securities?

    The most efficient method of donating appreciated securities is a direct transfer via DTC from your brokerage account to that of the school. Please instruct your broker to include your name when initiating the transfer and delivery. Click here to access the Gift of Securities Form.
  • Does Laguna accept matching gifts to the campaign?

    Yes! Many corporations will match philanthropic donations made by their employees. Corporate matching is a great way to maximize your gift. You could double or even triple your gift with a match. Simply send us the appropriate paperwork from your employer's human resources or personnel department, and your gift to Laguna Blanca School will be matched according to your company's guidelines.
  • We would like to make a significant gift to the campaign, but our family's resources spread across generations. Can we make a donation with the support of our students' grandparents?

    Yes, families like yours can explore making gifts from the grandparents' generation or as combined contributions across generations made in the family name. Not only do family gifts do great things for Laguna, but they can also help reduce a family's estate tax liability. The Office of Development and Alumni Relations is here to work with all Campaign donors to develop a gift structure that works for both the school and the potential donor. Call 805.687.2462 with any questions.
Laguna Blanca is Santa Barbara’s premier private, co-educational, college preparatory day school for students in Early Kindergarten through Grade 12.