The Upper School Humanities Program is a two-year odyssey in humanities education that blends a broad curriculum of texts with field trips, abundant guest lectures, and a mandate for multimedia literacy, all of which are fine-tuned to prepare you for the rigors of 21st century higher education.

In your sophomore year, connect with scholars, artists, and professionals who act as guides through coursework devoted to the study of human imagination. As a junior, you will participate in the Humanities Capstone year, which features a focused field of study that allows you to fully immerse yourself into global culture through the lens of history, literature, and art. This program provides a unique opportunity for you to interview some of the finest minds in contemporary culture—and then share those perspectives via video and podcast platforms.

Explore the cutting-edge program learning outcomes and detailed course descriptions on the Humanities Research Program microsite. Enjoy former students' capstone projects in the digital Student Project Gallery. More than a class, the program will help prepare students for the rewarding challenges and delights that await after high school and in the world beyond.