Middle School

One semester - Grades 5-6
*Private instruction required

Scientists have proven that children who are exposed to music, or those who play an instrument, do better in school than those who don’t. The main focus of the fifth and sixth grade instrumental music class is to develop group playing, listening, and rehearsal skills while continuing individual growth through practice and discipline. Content will include rhythm, reading, theory (major and minor chords), dynamics, and musical styles. The class will culminate in a final performance at the end of each semester.

One semester - Grades 7-8
*Private instruction required 

Middle School Band is for intermediate to advanced musicians. Students must know how to play an instrument upon entering. The main focus of the class is to develop playing, practice, rehearsing, reading, and performing skills. Content will include scales, history, styles, dynamics, groove, stage presence, and theory. The class culminates in a performance in the Middle School Performing Arts Revue at the end of each semester.


Ensemble is a class designed to give students the opportunity to learn to perform the music that they are interested in learning in a group setting. If you are an accomplished solo musician, this class will teach you how to combine your skills with other musician. If you are a beginner, this class will teach you the fundamental skills of performance. We need people who play instruments, as well as people that love to sing. Any type of instruments are welcome in this band! (This class is not meant as a private lesson class, but a group performance class.)


Students in Drama will explore the foundations of theater arts and the basic principles of movement, voice, and acting for the stage. The goal of this course is to foster creative self-expression, self-confidence, and teamwork, while deepening the student’s understanding and appreciation of the performing arts.


This course is an introduction to graphic arts concepts and creation utilizing powerful graphics applications. Students will be introduced to Photoshop, Illustrator, and animation as well as app-based and web-based graphic tools.

One semester - Grades 7-12

Vocal Ensemble is a course designed to give students an opportunity to explore singing while working on vocal technique, build strong harmonies, and learn about vocal blending. Students will explore many different genres of music and experience performing both inside and outside the LBS community. This class will also help prepare students for the spring musical. No experience required. Everyone is welcome.