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Laguna Student Artists Bring Life and Light to Merovick Gym's Multipurpose Room

Laguna students Ava Morouse '19 and Beau Glazier '20 are adding a splash of color to Laguna's Merovick Gym multipurpose room through a Sol Lewitt-inspired mural.
It all started last year when Ava and Beau took courses in the multipurpose room and felt that it was a little uninspiring. They then spoke about creating something meaningful to liven up the space, and the rest is history.
The duo met with faculty over the summer to finalize the idea, and then worked on the recently-completed art project throughout the fall.
"My favorite part about creating this mural was the process, and seeing the process through to completion – imagining, brainstorming, sketching, and, finally, painting something that was once just an idea," explains Ava. "I've done large-scale art projects in the past, but this piece was one that was so fulfilling to finish, because it's one that we really had an intention for, and one that, we hope, can be enjoyed by every one who enters that room."
Beau seconds, "Ava and I wanted to create our mural because we wanted more art around the campus to inspire the students...something colorful and moving. We hope the mural brings as much joy to the student body as it did to us when we painted it!"
Thank you, Ava and Beau, for sharing your talents with us!