• Laguna

Students are on Emu Watch at the Lower School

There is a lot of excitement surrounding the science lab at the Lower School these days. That's because Project Emu is underway! Since 2011, Lower School science students have been incubating Emu eggs and learning about the life cycle of the second-largest living bird (after Ostrich) each winter. The eggs are collected from Ostrichland and get hand-turned about five times a day as eager helpers observe closely for any movement. So far, three of the four eggs have wiggled!

Requiring 46-56 days of incubation, the Emu eggs are currently on day 44 in the incubator. You can also be part of the excitement and view the eggs (soon-to-be chicks) on our LBS EMU CAM, which streams live during the school day so you can enjoy every wiggle, and eventually witness the hatching of baby chicks!