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2009 Laguna Alumnus Mark Romanov First to Film One of the Rarest Animals On Earth

While on expedition with Wildlife Biologist Forrest Galante of Animal Planet’s Extinct or Alive, Laguna alumnus Mark Romanov ’09 was among the team to find the Fernandina Island Tortoise, a giant Galápagos tortoise species not seen since 1906 and believed to be extinct. “This is only the second of its species ever found,” explains Mark. “Now we can work the Galápagos National Park to raise money to search the island for a mate for her.” Named “Forgotten Fern,” Mark spent days hiking across scorching lava flows before the team finally found possible habitats where they discovered the nearly century old tortoise on Wednesday, February 20. READ NOW

Mark is a freelance filmmaker, cameraman and editor, specializing in underwater and aerial cinematography. With clients including National Geographic, BBC and Discovery, Mark's emphasis is on wildlife filmmaking for international audiences. Using versatile watercraft, dive equipment, and a fleet of drones, he brings a new perspective to familiar scenes. To check out some of the nature films that he has worked on, click here.