Humanities Foundations Class Takes Field Trip to Russell Young's Art Studio


Last month, sophomores in the Humanities Research Program completed their Art Unit by visiting the Carpinteria studio of internationally acclaimed pop artist and alumni parent Russell Young. In the converted-hangar art studio, Young shared stories of his artistic journey and the life experiences, people, and projects that have shaped his career. He gave students a tour of his creative workspace, showed his current projects, and demoed a screen printing, submerging the students into his creative process.

He talked about growing up in a working-class city in “deary, dark” northern England and emphasized that he could never have dreamed of his life and career as an artist living in California, immersed in color, and traveling all over the world showing his art.  

Young spoke with the students about the importance of “finding your passion and pursuing it relentlessly.” He also commented on the ever-changing landscape of the creative field, saying that “what you do in your life may be something that doesn’t yet exist or that you can’t yet imagine.”
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