Laguna Blanca is a premier EK-12 independent school. Our academic, artistic, and athletic strength resounds throughout the community. Our core values — scholarship, character, balance, community — are the pillars that allow our faculty and students to establish meaningful personal experiences and create transformative academic journeys.

It is from this position of excellence that we launch a $10 million campaign to build upon our strength and secure our future.

Here is what we envision:
Three Pillars of the Campaign

  • Creating a state-of-the-art Center for Science and Innovation
  • Growing our Endowment and securing Laguna’s future
  • Enhancing our campus accessibility


Campaign Co-Chairs
Elisabeth Fowler
Josh Connor
Campaign Cabinet & Committee Members
Art Adams ’66
Greg Bartholomew
Sue Birch
Pamela Brown
Mason Farrell ’80
Mitchell Green
Jim Jackson ’78
Carol King
Mary Morouse
Stephanie Nicks
Dawn O’Donnell
Tiffany Pelletier
Valerie Rice
Julia Rodgers
Andy Surber
Tom Tolles
Geoff Wyatt ’79

Thank you to our Board of Trustees for their steadfast support.

Together, we will continue to promote discovery through the Center for Science and Innovation, an intellectual ecosystem that will support future transformation and growth.


Through growing our endowment, we ensure that our school has a sustainable future by continuing to empower brilliant students from all walks of life and attracting exceptional faculty.


Through campus improvements, we will protect the investment and rich history of Laguna Blanca School by transforming its indoor and outdoor learning environments to reflect our high academic standards.


Rob Hereford, Head of School

As a community, we enter this campaign from a position of strength. We have so much to celebrate as we eagerly anticipate our innovative future!
If you have questions or would like to get involved, please contact Director of Development Marcy Jacobs at mjacobs@lagunablanca.org or 805.687.2462.