Building upon the success of our established STEM courses and the Science Research Program, which allow students to conduct authentic independent research, the new Center for Science and Innovation will offer 5,500 square feet of modern, dedicated space engineered to empower students to innovate and experiment in their area of passion. This dynamic space will attract the brightest minds to Laguna – both students and teachers.

At Laguna, we pride ourselves on giving students the freedom to discover and then focus on their unique interests – we provide specific but differentiated pathways through our curriculum. Outdoor research areas will complete the revitalized space, validating our commitment to environmental stewardship and offering students authentic learning experiences in marine biology and environmental science.



Staci Richard, Science Department Chair

The Center for Science and Innovation gives our students every possible advantage in preparing them to succeed in tomorrow’s world.
Center for Science and Innovation Goals

  • Revitalize classrooms: biology & chemistry labs, STEM Research & Innovation Lab, outdoor research areas, physics lab, and a teacher innovation lab.
  • Transform our facilities to enrich our project-based learning opportunities.
  • Ensure that curiosity and innovation remain at the heart of our science program.



New biology lab and outdoor research spaces facilitate authentic student research and academic presentations. The design allows for students to construct, experiment, and collaborate on challenging problems from the atmospheric makeup of space to marine biology exploration.
State-of-the-art equipment allows for exploration of cutting-edge biotechnology and chemistry.



The updated physics lab will utilize PASCO Scientific Stations for collecting experimental data and the renewed lab facilities will promote project-based learning.
The new STEM Research and Innovation Lab will create opportunities for hands-on design through 3D printing, power tools, and circuit design, as well as the digital creation of augmented reality, virtual reality, and 3D CAD content.