Since the beginning of the 2022-23 academic year, Laguna Blanca School has been engaged in a community-wide strategy process to create a vision for the future, identify a set of strategic directions, and determine related institutional priorities. A Strategic Planning Steering Committee (SPSC), co-chaired by Ron Cino, head of school, and Billie Fitzpatrick, chair of the board of trustees, is comprised of faculty, administrators, and trustees to guide the process. During the strategic planning process, the SPSC is seeking input from all Laguna stakeholder groups. Perspectives and ideas from each stakeholder group will inform the strategic directions to be framed by the Board of Trustees and the Head of School. To gather and summarize input from the community, the committee is working in partnership with consultants from Cambridge Hill Partners who are collaborating with Generation, a branding consulting group engaged to develop a communication and outreach plan for Laguna. 

Following initial work with the Board of Trustees and the Administrative Leadership Team during the Fall of 2022, the SPSC convened in January to design an inclusive, transparent, and efficient process. Steps in the process include:
  • Interviews, focus groups, and surveys to solicit community perspectives and to inform the strategic planning effort
  • Collection, review, and analysis of relevant and available internal data to further define strengths, challenges, and opportunities
  • An environmental scan to better understand the potential impact of current and emerging trends, as well as lessons learned from other schools
  • A strategic innovation panel to explore and discuss ideas and ways of approaching critical issues or topics emerging from the strategic planning process
  • A strategy session that includes representation from each stakeholder group
Over the coming months, additional updates regarding opportunities for further input and communication related to the process will be shared via this web page. 
Timeline and Key Activities 2022-23

Planning sessions with the Board of Trustees, Head of School Leadership Team, Faculty & Staff September - November
Kick-off Meeting with Steering Committee January 5
Review and Analysis of Internal Data December - February
Steering Committee Meeting Week of January 16
Environmental Scan Mid-January - February
Community Engagement: Interviews and Focus Groups 

February 13-15

Early March
Steering Committee Meeting Week of February 13
Steering Committee Meeting Week of March 6
Steering Committee Meeting Week of April 3
Strategic Innovation Panel

Strategic Planning Retreat
April 20

April 21
Steering Committee Meeting Week of May 1
Final Report to the Board of Trustees:  Vision, Strategic Directions End of May

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